It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the proof is correct in all areas. Please double-check spelling, grammar, layout, color, sizes, quantities and design before APPROVING the proof. I am happy to fix any errors before APPROVAL or answer any questions. The final product will look like as shown on this proof with the exception of some logos/art may appear blurry because the proof is low resolution. I can email a screen shot of any areas you are concerned about at 100% size to show how it appear on screen/print. If a proof containing errors is approved by the client, it is the client’s responsibility for payment of all original costs of printing, including corrections and reprints. 


All designs include unlimited revisions. For that reason, there are No Refunds. 


Unlimited Design Requests

Includes Unlimited Design Requests for the services covered under your plan. Preferred methods of Design Request is by form or email. 

Print and Shipping

Printing and Shipping costs must be paid in full before production can begin.


Includes all Calls, Google Meets, Zoom, and/or Slack Meetings between the hours of 9AM-6PM EST.

Post Scheduling

Only for plans that include Unlimited Digital. Includes post scheduling for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is the clients responsibility to provide copy for posts.

Flat Monthly Rate

All printing and shipping costs and/or any Design Requests not covered by your plan will be invoiced separately. 

Flexible Payments

Choose from Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Annual payment plans. Payments are due on your due date. Accounts 15 days past due will result in a suspension of service until the account is paid in full. 

24/7 Support

Includes all Calls, Texts, Meetings and Emails between the hours of 9AM-6PM EST. Includes all Emails and Texts during after hours. 


Cancel Anytime

3 Months minimum service before accounts are elidge to cancel. Any designs in process before the cancellation will be honored and completed upon approval. The current billable month will be prorated at the cost of Monthly Rate/30 days.